Dash30Dash LLC

Helping Harness the
Brainpower of Any Group

Facilitator | Marketeer


With 16+ years of marketing experience and 10,000+ hours
of strategic facilitation, I'm able to tap into collective
minds for planning, strategy and problem solving. 


Justin Juley, CPSM

Justin  founded Dash30Dash LLC in 2020 after 15+ years of marketing and facilitation services at a leading transportation engineering and infrastructure solutions firm. Justin's expertise is continually sought after to help develop winning strategies and solve complex problems. He's led 10,000+ hours of meetings in the private and non-profit sectors and helped achieve $500+ million in sales.



What I Can Do For You

People Gathering in a Meeting Together


Unproductive meetings cost companies $37 billion per year. Further, 37% of meetings are considered to add no value to the organization.

With 10,000+ hours of facilitation experience, I can help get better outcomes from your meetings. This means you become more effective at solving problems, making decisions, developing good strategy and harnessing the brainpower of a group.

Whether for capture planning, strategic planning, customer/client positioning, marketing/brand building, talent acquisition/retention, or pitch strategy, I'm ready to help!



Let's face it. After you set your goals and develop your plan, action has to take place.


With 16+ years of experience as a marketeer in the professional services industry, I've seen and done a lot. Persuasive content development, digital/social, websites, PR, brand building, research, analytics - you name it. This includes leading a marketing team of 20+ staff helping achieve annual sales goals of more than $650 million.


And I purposefully chose "marketeer" to reflect the emphasis my expertise places on client/customer experience and relationship building to build demand and loyalty. 


Don't Take My Word For It

Andru K.

"Justin is super responsive and tailors his approach. He asks thoughtful questions that lead to great ideas and strategies. Bonus is that he can help execute when he did for my website development."

Kary B.

" While I would rank him in the top 10 marketers I’ve ever met in terms of his strong skills and ability to perceive a value, motivational angle, and ROI – it is his leadership that is his strongest talent. He can bring together diverse teams to achieve a common goal."


"You are my hero!! The hardest part is transitioning into a useful way to present value propositions.
Your idea was ingenious!"


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